Why i choose accounting as my major

Why did you choose this career? Tough Interview Question - Why did you choose this career? What factors influenced you to choose this career path? Why the interviewer is asking this question:

Why i choose accounting as my major

Why did you choose insert major as your major? When I am asked this question, I use it as an opportunity to tell the employer about myself. Deciding a major is just as big of a decision as deciding where to go to college.

Some students decide their major based on the college that they are or will be attending, while other students decide the college based on the major that they would like to major in. This is an honor because there are only a select few that have both accreditations.

When deciding which college to go to each prospective college student has to balance financial, social, and education aspects of the school. For me, the educational aspect was weighted just a bit more than the others.

I knew that I wanted to major in accounting before going to college based on my past experiences and the opportunities that it can provide. Based on my prior work experiences growing up, I knew I wanted a major that could help me find a job that has a great deal of responsibility.

Accountants have a great deal of financial responsibility. They are relied upon to record the sales, purchases, and other transactions accurately. It became apparent to me that accounting is a core part of any business.

A company cannot function without an accountant keeping track of the trial balance and balance sheet. In effect of every business needing an accountant, I knew that I can choose an industry as well as a business that interests me.

I liked the idea of not being stuck at a company that I did not enjoy working for. The skills that accounting majors learn are transferable to other jobs. I knew that accounting could lead to other professions because a couple of my relatives majored in accounting; however they received other job offers out of college and were never accountants.

This showed me that majoring in accounting would provide me skills that are unique in the business world that can be applied to other jobs that are not only accounting related.

Why i choose accounting as my major

There is no doubt accounting is a challenging major, however I enjoy being challenged. After solving an accounting problem and having my balances equal, I feel a sense of satisfaction of doing something correct. One thing is certain; do not think that you have to know what you want to major in before going to college.Proven Track record.

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It’s a statistical fact: Most forms of occupational fraud are finance related. That’s why forensic accounting is such a fast-growing segment of the accounting profession.

Why i choose accounting as my major

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Feb 15,  · This is my favourite question to ask prospective employees (take note) and students in my class. So far I've received a myriad of responses ranging from from: Ummmmmmm. Why Choose Accounting as a Major? by Kevin | Dec 18, | Career & The Workplace | 5 comments If you have a strong interest in business and finance, or especially an orientation toward numbers, a major in accounting may be the right choice for you.

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