Unifr ses master thesis free

The admission requirements are valid for the respective academic year. The Rectorat of the University of Fribourg reserves the right to change these requirements at any time. Students can explore the periods which interest them most in greater depth. This study programme is taught partly in French and partly in German.

Unifr ses master thesis free

Master defence [mathematikon] Mon Vous croyez savoir compter! Ist die Erde wirklich rund? Entanglement Quantum mechanics is a theory which describes the way small particles interact.

It was derived from physical phenomena such as the photo electric effect and the double slit experiment. The mathematical framework of quantum mechanics gives rise to all sorts of counter intuitive phenomena, including entanglement.

Entanglement is a phenomenon which occurs when multiple quantum mechanical systems are combined so for instance, when one looks at a system of two electrons.

unifr ses master thesis free

The combined system can be in a state which cannot be seen as the combination of states of the single particles. These states are more than a mathematical construct, they have actually been measured.

The aim of my talk will be to describe entanglement from a mathematical viewpoint. No previous knowledge of quantum mechanics or the mentioned experiments will be needed. Insurability of HIV patients [master diploma presentation] In this master thesis, we analyse two insurance problems concerning people infected with the HIV virus.

First, we concentrate on the domain of life insurances. We introduce life table techniques, survival analysis and, most importantly, the Cox proportional hazards model. With this mathematical background, we can analyse two recent papers about HIV insurability, where mortality rates of HIV patients are compared to those of the general population.

unifr ses master thesis free

In particular, the influence of new, enhanced treatments, the so-called combined antiretroviral therapies cARTon the mortality rates of HIV patients is determined. In the second part, in relation to income protection policies, we analyse the absenteeism of employees.

After having introduced the topics of point process theory and of renewal theory, we will build a probabilistic process reflecting the working and absence days of an employee. The aim of this model is, to enable a comparison between HIV patients and the general population.

Image Restoration through the Calculus of Variations and PDE [Master diploma presentation] The problem we analyze in this work is the reconstruction of an original image which describes a real scene from an observed image with degradation.

The noise of degradation is random and modelled by a probabilistic algorithm. Restoring an image can be seen as a minimization problem. By using the direct method of the calculus of variations, we encounter some problems, which will be solved by working in a more special space, the space of functions of bounded variation.

In this space, we are able to prove the existence and uniqueness of a solution, and we will give an approximation in a Sobolev space of a solution.

Another approach to solve the restoration problem is to use partial differential equations.

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We introduce the heat equation, consider the noisy image as the heat distribution and solve the problem by using the heat equation as an image filter.MASTER THESIS / INTERNSHIP (27 ECTS) To complete the studies, students have to write either a research-oriented Master thesis in Fribourg (27 ECTS) or combine a thesis written in Strasbourg linked to an internship (15 ECTS) with a 12 ECTS research-oriented master thesis written in Fribourg.

The timing is, in both cases, rather flexible. Ideas for potential research designs will be discussed which can be taken on in a future master thesis.

Course Description: In times of globalization, organizations expand their activities from their home country to many other guest countries, i.e. they act internationally. Guidelines for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

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