The worst years of our lives

My work week is Friday to Monday, 8 p. As I listened to the tele, there happened to be a police officer who was there for an unrelated incident.

The worst years of our lives

From — when we fled from the complex as if it were a plague. President Gerald Ford stepped up with much courage and leadership when he did what none of the other previous two presidents would do.

We got out of Vietnam. Suddenly, the madness was over - or so we thought. There are 58, names on our Vietnam Memorial Wall. This is, in fact, a small portion of the mental and physical damage done to American veterans because of this conflict.

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One big reason for this was the discriminatory process used by our Selective Service System at the time. The vast amount of Vietnam Era Veterans who served were not there because of equal opportunity. Many were there because of their economic status, educational level, and race. Up until the time that all draft deferments would become very, very limited many of the young men being selected for the Draft were from meager means, lack political influence and, sorry to say, were racially discriminated against.

A common deferment at the time was the student deferment. If you were a full-time student in college you could be exempt from being drafted into the Army. Local selective service boards would be on the lookout for students who would pause in their college matriculation. When detected a former student would be notified of his new eligibility and get drafted immediately.

One blazing example of this was my first cousin, George McConnell. He was a fantastic basketball small forward who played at the prestigious Washington High School in Los Angeles. He became a scholarship recipient to UCLA. It was going so great!

The worst years of our lives

My cousin was going to play for the legendary coach John Wooden. Shortly after he started matriculating he and a few others were pulled over by campus police and were charged with marijuana possession.

Coach Wooden was known for his no tolerance. George lost his scholarship. Almost, instantly George was now in the Army. The change and shock was too much for my cousin.

Polk, Louisiana he became disciplined and eventually court martialed. Once we got him back home in Los Angeles we found that he was imprisoned in an Army stockade and eventually court martialed and dishonorably discharged from the US Army.

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He was then committed to Camarillo State Hospital which was a mental institution outside of Los Angeles. His mental state never really improved. After staying there awhile the chances of his improvement would be none. Camarillo and other such places were closed by It is now a state university in the California system.

After my graduation from the University of Wisconsin, I was immediately drafted into the U. Army as there were no longer deferments given to students and I pulled the draft lottery number of 4.After years of good health, Laura and I experienced the worst coincidence on what was the worst day of our lives.

I have a family history of cancer, so I undergo regular PSA tests. On this particular day, I got the news that my levels were elevated. In our life is used when speaking of life in general, i.e., “we are responsible for others in our life as humans” whereas in our lives is used when speaking of specific individuals or a group of people in different situations, but stating it generally, i.e., “we are responsible for what happens in our lives.

The passage below is from The Worst Years of Our Lives by Barbara Ehrenreich. Ehrenreich is writing about life in the s. Read the passage carefully and then write an essay in which you support, refute, or qualify Ehrenreich’s assertions about television.

Support your argument with appropriate evidence. High school graduations galore across the country this month, and happy young people escaping what many of them see as the prison they have been been sentenced to for four years. Follow/Fav Worst Years of Our lives By: delusionaldamsel When girls start disappearing at a local High school Dyson and Kenzie go undercover to try and solve the case.

The Best Years of Our Lives uses this concept via irony. The three Shell-Shocked Veteran spent their best years fighting World War II, and come back to their former lives.

One of them finds out that his wife is cheating on him, and she is unrepentant.

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