Strategic management of uk oil and

The upstream section of the Industry is involved with the first stage of exploration and production, the midstream section involves the transportation of crude through pipelines, ships e. The downstream is involved with refining and process of the oil and gas products. The distribution and marketing of crude is then done for end user consumption. For purpose of this report the analysis shall be on oil and gas operations with emphasis in the United Kingdom.

Strategic management of uk oil and

Social Sciences Study Mode: Why Dundee The world's long-term economic development depends on the existence of efficient, innovative and creative energy and resources industries. These in turn rely on individuals who possess a sound grasp of their legal, economic, technical and policy backgrounds.

Strategic management of uk oil and

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Strategic management of uk oil and

The MBA programme offers students an unrivalled ability to tailor their programme of study to their own particular interests and learning objectives. These allow for the development of in depth and specialist knowledge of business management, legal, economic and policy issues in the petroleum and related sectors of the world economy.

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF ANALYSIS OF UK OIL AND GAS SECTOR 1. 0 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 UK OIL SECTOR OVERVIEW The oil and gas industry is a large Industry and contributes a critical role in driving the global economy (Sam’s et. al., ).

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This paper reports on an investigation into strategic project management in the UK upstream oil and gas sector. The management process is represented by a set of elements which covers context, content and output and are balanced across financial, internal business, external environment, and learning and innovation perspectives.

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Strategic Management of Oil and Gas