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Story my body judith ortiz cofer and never just pictures s

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H, Drawing on Devor's discussion of gender role fonnation, analyze the difference between the "I" and the "me" of the girl in Jamaica Kincaid's story p, How would Devor explain the humor of the cartoon on page ?

How do the details of the cartoon-the setting, the women's appearance, the three pictures on the coffee table-contribute to its effect? As a class, identify at least half a dozen men living today who are widely admired in American culture. To what extent do they embody the "four main attitudes of masculinity" outlined by Devor para.

To what extent have you resisted them?

Another Hate Crime Hoax: The Depressing Frequency

What roles have "generalized others" and "significant others" played in shaping your identity? Has this been your own view? How does Devor challenge dea-that is, what's the alternative to gender being binary and penna- -and how persuasive do you find his evidence?

What are 'unctions of the "generalized other" and the "significant other" in this 3SS?

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Search for a "rule" that defines types of crossgender behaviors are tolerated. Ifso, which ones, and how? In this personal essay, Judith Ortiz Cofer reflects on the different roles her own body 1uM assumed in different contexts and cultures-the ways that different societies have "read" the meanings ofher physical appearance, The story ofher body becomes, to some extent, the story ofher life, and woven into the tale are int-rtguing comments on gender and on cross-cultured perception.

A native of Puerto Rico, Ortiz Cofer b. Jo h', -VI ;T J! I reached my full stature of [h'e feet in sixth grade. I started out life as a pretty baby and learned to be a pretty girl frolll a pretty mother.

Then at ten years of age I suffered one of the worst cases of chicken pox I have ever heard or. My entire body, including the inside of my ears and in between my toes, was covered with pustules which in a fit of panic at my appearance I scratched off my face, leaving permanent scars.

A crucl school nurse told nle I would always have them-tiny ClitS that looked as if a iliad cat had plunged its claws del'p into my skill.

I grew my hair long and hid behind it for the first years of my adolescence.

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This was when I learned to be invisible. Color In the animal world it indicates danger: Color is also a way to attract and seduce a nultl'. In the human world color triggers many more complex and often deadly reactions.

My mother insisted that I protect myself from the intense island sun because I was marc prone to sunburn than some of my darker, triglleiio' playmates.

People were always commenting within my hearing about how my black hair contrasted so nicely with my "pale" skin. I did not think of the color of my skin consciously except when I heard the adults talking about complexion. In Puerto Hico l heard many conversations ahout skin color. It was Christmastime, and I was eight or nine years old.6/17/ 6/17/ 5 8/29/ 6/13/ 15 10/6/ Psychology & Sociology L ES S MA N A G IN G.

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Story my body judith ortiz cofer and never just pictures s

Connect Features: McGraw-Hill Connect™ is an online assignment and assessment solution that connects your students with the tools and . This is the shocking moment a boxing match between two friends takes a nasty turn as one of the amateur boxers is sent flying through a glass window.

In her book Trauma and Recovery, Judith Herman writes about forgiveness (in the context of atrocities and abuse): “Revolted by the fantasy of revenge, some survivors attempt to bypass their outrage altogether throught a fantasy of forgiveness. This fantasy, like its polar opposite, is an attempt.

Story my body judith ortiz cofer and never just pictures s

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