Should mr kishan uttam invest in a

August 30, by Sreekanth Reddy Comments Capital asset typically refers to anything that you own for personal or investment purposes. It includes all kinds of property; movable or immovable, tangible or intangible, fixed or circulating. Examples include a house, land, household furnishings, stocks, bonds or mutual funds held as investments etc. Capital gains and losses are classified as long-term or short-term.

Should mr kishan uttam invest in a

We examine the factors to consider, when investing in such locations Rashu Sinha, a senior level marketing professional working in New Delhi, recently bought a two-bedroom apartment.

Nevertheless, Sinha says he is lucky to have the apartment, which is close to the metro station. These are unique, as the properties sold in these regions cannot be registered. Based on this certificate, owners can apply for water and power connection in the village.

There are more than such abadis in Delhi. Advantages of buying a property in Lal Dora regions Low rates: The lower rates can be attributed to the absence of amenities like a central park, well-maintained wide roads, etc. Proximity to important locations: These areas have also become popular, owing to the locational advantages that they offer.

Take, for example, the case of Possangipura well-known abadi area in south-west Delhi. The area is close to the business district and the west Janakpuri Metro station.

People working in nearby commercial areas, prefer to take a dwelling on rent in this abadi. Hence, the area has seen a spurt in transactions, due to these factors.

This has lured a number of small developers, to enter into development agreements with land owners. Thus, new supply has come up in these regions. Most of these regions offer either built-up properties or independent floors. In developed villages, you will also find redevelopment housing projects built on a smaller area.Why you should invest in Kisan Vikas Patra.


Should mr kishan uttam invest in a

Arun Jaitley has launched New Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP). Investors can invest in this safe investment scheme instead of investing in some. Reasons of investing in Property Property is one of the investments that every investor should focus on because it is one of the safest assets to make an investment in.

First of all, property is a good collateral asset. It is acceptable to be a secure loan for lenders. We examine the factors to consider, when investing in such locations Rashu Sinha, a senior level marketing professional working in New .

The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, has recently made a few amendments in the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, (PF Scheme)..

These guidelines are mainly related to ‘ early withdrawals ‘ from Provident Fund & provisions related to PF withdrawals. These latest EPF withdrawal rules are effective from 10th February, Sl. No Name VMA No. Company Zone; Debranjan Sar: Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur: East: Pratap Reddy .

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