Gating system

The key objective of a gating system is to ensure smooth and complete flow of molten metal from ladle to the casting cavity. Elements of gating system Elements of gating systemThe main components include pouring basin, sprue, well, runner and ingate.

Gating system

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Slag trap or filter. The characteristics of each element are mentioned below: This is otherwise called as bush or cup. It is circular or rectangular in shape. It collects the molten metal, which is poured, from the ladle. It is circular in cross section. It leads the molten metal from the pouring basin to the sprue well.

It changes the direction of flow of the molten metal to right angle and passes it to the runner. The runner Gating system the molten metal from sprue to the casting.

This is the final stage where the molten metal moves from the runner to the mold cavity. It filters the slag when the molten metal moves from the runner and ingate. It is also placed in the runner. Types of Gating Systems: The gating system also depends on the direction of the parting plane, which contains the sprue, runner and the ingate.

They are as follows: This is used most widely.

Gating system

This type is normally applied in ferrous metal's sand casting and gravity die-casting of non-ferrous metals. They are used for flat casting, which are filled under gravity. This is applied in tall castings were high-pressure sand mold, shell mold and die-casting processes are done.

It helps directional solidification of the casting from top to bottom.

Gating system

It suits only flat castings to limit the damage of the metal during the initial filling. It has the characteristics of both the top and bottom.What is gating system? It is nothing but the basic design, which is needed to construct a smooth and proper filling of the mold cavity of the casting without any discontinuity, voids or solid inclusions.

the effect of friction (f factor) in the gating system. The adjusted pouring rate R a can be calculated according to the following equation: Ra = R / (k.

f) For all metals other than grey and malleable cast iron, k can be taken as unity. In case of grey and. Design of gating, feeding system and simulation was performed in Auto-CAST X1 software, which is shown as a diagrammatic representation ().First, wear plate part was made in Pro-E modeling software and then it was imported into Auto-CAST X1 casting simulation Software for designing of gating and feeding system.

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