Essay on dengue

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Essay on dengue

Diagnosis The signs and symptoms of dengue fever are similar to some other diseases, such as typhoid fever and malaria. This can sometimes delay an accurate diagnosis.

Essay on dengue

The doctor will assess the symptoms and the person's medical and travel history, and they may order some blood tests to confirm the diagnosis. Prevention No vaccine can protect against dengue fever. Only avoiding mosquito bites can prevent it.

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Anyone who lives in or travels to an at-risk area can use a number of ways to avoid being bitten. If you are spending time in a tropical region, use mosquito nets that are treated with insecticide.

Reduce the amount of skin exposed by wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and socks, tucking pant legs into shoes or socks, and wearing a hat. Use a repellent with at least 10 percent concentration of diethyltoluamide DEETor a higher concentration for longer lengths of exposure.

Avoid using DEET on young children. Mosquito traps and nets: Nets treated with insecticide are more effective, otherwise the mosquito can bite through the net if the person is standing next to it.

The insecticide will kill mosquitoes and other insects, and it will repel insects from entering the room. Door and window screens: Structural barriers, such as screens or netting, can keep mosquitos out. Heavily scented soaps and perfumes may attract mosquitos. Treat clothes, shoes, and camping gear with permethrin, or purchase clothes that have been pretreated.

Signs and symptoms

Try to avoid being outside at dawn, dusk, and early evening. The Aedes mosquito breeds in clean, stagnant water.

Essay on dengue

Checking for and removing stagnant water can help reduce the risk. To reduce the risk of mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water:This page lists notable alumni and students of the University of California, who also served as faculty are listed in bold font, with degree and year..

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Dengue and Its Prevention Dengue fever is a disease caused by a family of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes. It is an acute illness of sudden onset that usually follows a benign course with symptoms such as headache, fever, exhaustion, severe muscle and .

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