Essay on burqas

Some countries such as Saudi Arabia have strong beliefs in religions where the people believe in is Muslim. A lot of violence can be caused by religion such as September 11 where members of Al Queda bombed the twin towers in America that had an effect as it was to do with religion. People who are Muslim study the Islam religion. The burqa is known by several different names such as Hijab, headscarf, Veil, niqab khimar, chador, or jilba.

Essay on burqas

Get Full Essay Get Essay on burqas to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. But when a Muslim woman does the same she is being oppressed. It may be argued that wearing a burqa benefits only a few and brings more harm than good to society.

The real question is who does it harm? That should be the basis for banning this piece of clothing, not one based on fear or an arguably feeble argument that the women do not have a choice. To say that a ban on a specific item like this is undemocratic is an understatement.

The ban did not go ahead, however debate about the burqa continues.

The Burqa Should Not Be Banned in Australia Essay Sample

Although it seems unlikely that this law will pass in Australia, it is indisputable that putting a ban on the burqa is both morally wrong, and is driven by religious discrimination. Although the burqa is commonly seen in the western world as the Islamic symbol of oppression and a display of male dominance, in truth the burqa is merely an expression of devoted faith, modesty and purity.

The generalisation that women wearing burqas are oppressed is merely an assumption with Essay on burqas supporting evidence. Furthermore in a country with strongly enforced laws regarding violence against women and numerous domestic help services, it is highly unlikely that women would tolerate being forced into making life-changing decisions.

From personal experience I can say that on the contrary most men discourage these decisions feeling that their daughters or wives may be discriminated against or treated with hostility.

Burqas Should Not Be Banned Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

As a multicultural country, it would be considerably hypocritical for Australia to consider legislating against the freedom of Muslim women. We would like for them to assimilate yet we have made it near impossible for them to do so by treating them with hostility towards an item of clothing.

Along with the fact that it is not a core Australian value for the face to be visible at all times, it is also obvious that respect is a two way street. We should show our respect by protecting their right to make decisions and by encouraging assimilation.

Nor does it matter what would happen to us in Muslim countries. To enforce a legislative restraint on a cultural and religious choice is inconsistent with the fundamental freedom of expression.

Women choose to wear a burqa, hijab or other forms of veils and by banning the burqa we are taking away their ability to make this decision. Having met these women who have chosen to wear the burqa, it is apparent to me that the only form of oppression they may experience is having their freedom to choose taken from them.

Banning the burqa is a thoughtless regulation that takes away their freedoms by imposing the views of some on the whole community.

These women, who have caused no harm to their communities, should not be forced to sacrifice their freedom.

What they wish to do does not cause others harm nor does it restrict the freedom of others. Anonymity is not a crime. If we object to this, we are discouraging freedom of religion, which is hypocritical as other forms of religious symbols are openly accepted.

Nuns wore habits for many years and were admired for their commitment to their religion.

Burqas Should Not Be Banned | Free Essays - In many Muslim countries, women lack equality and basic rights that other women take for granted; therefore, the burqa may seem to be is just one more example of patriarchal control. There is some evidence that women in particularly conservative countries are forced to wear a burqa or niqab out of fear of beatings, arrests or honor killings.
The Burqa Should Not Be Banned in Australia | Essay Example Standardization of "Ban the Burqa" The wearing of burqas should be prohibited in Australia. The liberal perspective on burqas is invalid.
Standardization of "Ban the Burqa" The wearing of burqas should be prohibited in Australia. The liberal perspective on burqas is invalid.
Should Burqas Be Banned? | HowStuffWorks Just as tourists cover their arms and legs when entering places of faith on vacation, she writes, so, too, should women living in places like France remove their veils.
Burqas Should Not Be Banned Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples Articles used — 3A and 3B.

Irrational and baseless fear should not be the gateway for discrimination particularly against the innocent. I believe that this discrimination is the only means by which banning the burqa becomes an issue of oppression. As there is no credible reasoning supporting the argument, I see the issue as nothing but a poorly masked form of xenophobia.

I do agree with the argument that Muslim women should not be oppressed into making religious choices, however this is rarely the case in western countries, especially in Australia where Muslim women number only in tens of thousands, of which only a small proportion wear a burqa.

Essay on burqas

In these circumstances, taking such extreme measures as considering banning the burqa is not only irrational, but it also suggests to the general public that the Muslim community is to be treated with hostility.

To ostracise a minority within our country clearly opposes the belief that Australia is a hospitable and welcoming multicultural country. By considering banning the burqa, we are forcing Muslim women to go against their core beliefs and values. As a democratic nation we should not be forcing women into abandoning their right to make decisions.

And so, whilst I do believe that no woman should be forced to wear the burqa, I also believe that every woman should be free to choose. More essays like this:Burqas Should Not Be Banned specifically for you.

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Essay by Sara Silvestri: Britain Does Not Need a French-style Burqa Ban -

Haven't found the Essay You Want? In her essay, Sara Silvestri argues that an overarching ban for burqas and niqabs in Britain would be more dangerous than beneficial for public interest and for the cohesion of society.

The debate about the issue, however, is necessary and beneficial. Ban on Burqas Essay Hadee Haque Professor Isip English France Should Rethink the Ban on Burqa Ever since Islam has begun, in the 7th century, women have been accustomed to wear the burqa.

Essay Should Australia Adopt A Bill Of Rights? recognize civil and political rights of individuals. Australia is the only western democracy in the world without either a constitutionally entrenched bill of rights or non-entrenched, statutory bills of rights. Hijab, Niqab, and Burqa Essay.

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Words Feb 16th, 3 Pages. Show More. Hijab, niqab and burqa Female doctors, though they have the luxury of being allowed to continue working, are forced to wear burqas even during surgery.

Mariam explains this give and take scenario saying, “Here was a women who had understood that she was . On October 2nd of this year, parliament officially passed a law that meant that any women wearing the niqab or burqa in parliament house would be asked to sit in a separate glass enclosure.

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