Education and moral values quotes

Terminology[ edit ] "Character" is one of those overarching concepts that is the subject of disciplines from philosophy to theologyfrom psychology to sociology —with many competing and conflicting theories. Character as it relates to character education most often refers to how 'good' a person is. In other words, a person who exhibits personal qualities like those a society considers desirable might be considered to have good character—and developing such personal qualities is often seen as a purpose of education.

Education and moral values quotes

Respect Duty These universal values build character, which produces behaviour that is beneficial for the individual, others and the community. They enhance the wellbeing of all; prevent harm to both the individual and society; are the essence of healthy relationships and are essential for the conduct and preservation of a democratic society.

Democracy, government by the people, is dependent upon citizens who must, at least in a minimal sense, be responsible and good.

People who are committed to the moral foundations of democracy: Historically, schools had two major goals; to help young people to be smart, in terms of literacy and numeracy, and to help them become good.

Wise societies, since the time of Plato made character education, demoted over recent decades to values education, a deliberate aim of schooling.

Indeed, New Zealand schools, until the later decades of this century, placed a high priority on what was called, character training. There was a sound reason why earlier generations rated character training so highly. They understood the connection between objective values virtues and good character.

Objective values have three parts: To possess the objective value of honesty, for example, I must first understand what honesty is and what honesty requires of me in my relationship with others moral knowing.

I must also care about honesty - be emotionally committed to it, have the capacity for appropriate guilt when I behave dishonestly, and be capable of moral indignation when I see others victims of dishonesty moral feeling. Finally, I must practice honesty - acting honestly in my personal relationships and commercial transactions and carrying out my obligations as a citizen to help built an honest and just society moral behaviour.

Schools, in order to help students become good people, must help them develop good character. This involves a process of helping them to know what objective values are, to appreciate their importance and want to process and practice them in their day-to-day conduct.

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Good character, like objective values, comprises three parts: All three are essential for good character and moral maturity. It is not enough to know the good without desiring and attempting to do it.

When parents and schools think about the kind of character that they want for their young people, three aspects of character become clear. The ability to judge what is right To care deeply about what is right To do what they believe to be right - even in the face of pressure from without or temptation from within.

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Understanding the connection between the three parts of an objective value; moral knowing, moral feeling and moral behaviour, and the three components of good character; knowing the good, desiring the good, and doing the good, is essential when developing a comprehensive values education programme.

Good character is the set of objective values that a person possesses and practices. There are compelling reasons why a progressive school would want to implement effective comprehensive values education. It would help to: Become more civil and caring communities Reduce negative student behaviour Improve academic performance Prepare young people to be responsible citizens and productive members of society Many can remember a teacher who influenced their live in an enduring way.

The research on resilient children indicates that one significant adult - someone who bonds with a child and builds confidence, character, and hope - can help a child rise above adversities such as dysfunctional families, abuse, poverty, and deprivation.

When calling on schools to teach values it is important to offer hope of what communities and schools could be. And to remind schools that they can have an impact and strengthen their effectiveness and skills in the process.Education And Moral Values quotes - 1.

The USA experiences the crisis of ideological and moral values.

Education and moral values quotes

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Education and moral values quotes

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