An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

Articles Share this Post As noted widely throughout the press, Army 1st Lieutenant Ashley White died on 22 October in Kandahar when the joint special operations task force to which she was attached triggered an IED. In a press release, U. Her efforts highlight both the importance and necessity of women on the battlefield today. In fact, unless U.

An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

This assumes that the purpose of the military is advancing careers, not defending the country. Feminists have been pushing for the change for at least 20 years.

The commission proved that assigning women to combat roles was palpably ridiculous on practical grounds. Women, it was learned, to the surprise and chagrin of some, are not men.

Noted commissioner Charles Moskos, the idea that women should fight alongside men suggests the opposite: Women are little men, and men are just big women.

An introduction to the importance of women in combat an military because they are more than capable

Evidence showing the profound physiological differences between the sexes proved that to be false, and it also showed that even accommodating women on the battlefield raised profound sociological and moral questions.

Here, then, is what Panetta has done: The Practical Case Perhaps one of the most striking pieces of evidence the commission saw was a graph showing that, generally speaking, the strongest military woman is only as strong as the weakest military man. Another interesting datum showed that the average something woman has the lung power of the average something man.

Imagine a woman combat commander in her 40s trying to keep pace with young men on a forced march, something that men who lead combat troops are required to do. Studies show, the Marines told DACOWITS inthat women are endowed with 20 percent lower aerobic power than men, 40 percent lower muscle strength, 47 percent lower lifting strength, and 26 percent slower road-march speed.

In addition, their attrition rate from injuries is twice that of men; their nondeployable rate three times higher. How will the military get past human physiology?

As the Center for Military Readiness CMR noted when the decision was announced, the military will drop its standards to accommodate women. Does it really have to be that high?

Marines lift machine gun replica Participants, wearing a fighting load of 43 lbs. Participant sprints 25 meters to the casualty. Wearing average assault load 71 lbs.

The requirements were reduced, even though combat conditions would likely require soldiers to bear heavier loads than the originally proposed test would have required, not lighter. According to Jerry Whitaker, affairs officer for the U.

Women in Combat: War for and Against Women

Attrition was roughly double. A letter from a retired Navy doctor to Rep. While men and women have an equal number of muscles and muscle fibers, the strength difference relates exclusively to muscle size that is determined by testosterone levels.

Because women have less testosterone than men, they have smaller muscle fibers that result in the development of small-size muscles; in effect, women have less muscle to activate.

That also is the reason why women develop less muscle when training with weights and exercising. Indeed, there is little overlap between the distributions of male and female upper-body strength.

Another male testosterone effect is that it increases the total quantity of bone matrix and calcium retention, in males, which result in a heavier and stronger skeleton.

Thus, as CMR explained in its list of seven reasons to oppose women in combat, those who advocate the women-in-battle policy insist that requiring women to meet the same standards as men would be unfair: I think that fairness is very important in a values-based organization like our Army.

They will be raped and killed. Combat terrain cannot be gender-normed. Nor can the distance for a march between two points on a map be shortened. An outstanding woman Marine explained this truth in an article for Marine Corps Gazette.

Katie Petrino knocks down the feminist fantasy, inspired not only by ideology but also Hollywood fairy tales of warrior princesses leading clueless men into battle: I also repeatedly scored far above average in all female-based physical fitness tests for example, earning a out of on the Marine physical fitness test.

Five years later, I am physically not the woman I once was and my views have greatly changed on the possibility of women having successful long careers while serving in the infantry.The rule excluded women from non-combat units or missions if the risks of exposure to direct combat, hostile fire, or capture were equal to or greater than the risk in the combat units they supported.

WOMEN IN COMBAT BY PROFESSOR ANTHONY KING B.A., M.A., PH.D University of Exeter, United Kingdom minority of women is physically capable of serving in combat units and they might be in-tegrated into the infantry if they are judged on "More than a decade ago, I described.

A number of arguments have been raised in defense of military policy that bans women from combat roles.

Below is an overview of, the pros and cons, the key arguments put forth in support and against the enlisting of women soldiers into combat units. Women In Combat Essay Examples. 26 total results. The Many Women in Combat and Army.

words. An Introduction to the Importance of Women in Combat an Military Because They Are More than Capable. words. 1 page. No Girls Allowed: Three reasons why women shouldn’t be integrated into combat arms. I then learned my body was capable of doing more than I ever thought it was able to do.

but because they could they were “hard core” and had easier promotion paths than men at the same performance level or substantially better). 60% of women in my. It can be argued that in some cases women are smarter and more clever than men!

In areas of the military not requiring physical strength or stamina, a woman ought to be able to compete on an equal.

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