An analysis of the drafted

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An analysis of the drafted

There was drama, trades and Lonnie Walker IV trying to wear a hat. And now, we have all summer to dissect the team's decisions. The night started off with a big trade, as the Hawks and Mavericks swapped top-five picks Luka Doncic and Trae Young -- two of the most exciting players in the draft.

The other big news was the fall of Michael Porter Jr. He's big and strong and has the tools to become a dominant offensive big man. He has the athleticism to become a better defender than he showed in college. He will fit well next to Devin Booker. But he probably doesn't have the most upside, and he's not the safest bet, either.

And he presents the question of whether you want to build around a big man in today's NBA. He was a hyper-productive college player, too.

He's got the same potential of No.


But the question is whether he can be a winning player, given his flaws on defense and unclear positional fit on that end. Dallas Mavericks made this pick after sending the No. The decision to pony up a future first-rounder was big just to move up two spots, but Doncic has the combination of NBA readiness and upside to be a star.

He also was not particularly productive in college, often disappearing because of foul trouble and not taking an engaged role in Michigan State's offense. He could be the futuristic big man that NBA teams are looking for, and he can fit next to Marc Gasol or replace him long term. But will he be a star or an unrealized prospect?

Atlanta Hawks made this pick after sending the No. Young gives Atlanta a potential star, but so does a pick that is protected only Nos.

An analysis of the drafted

That could be a top pick easily and helps Atlanta's rebuild under former Warriors executive Travis Schlenk. A 6 C Mohamed BambaTexas freshman Bamba's record-setting 7-foot wingspan equals his obvious defensive potential.

But it's on the offensive end where he could make an impact that few are discussing. The brilliant, mature New York City native has perhaps the highest ceiling in this draft, and he showed it by retooling his shot in the three months after the season ended.

His upside is low, compared to some home-run options, but he should be a stable NBA center for a long time. He's very smart and fits well with Lauri Markkanen. He could play with LeBron Jamesshould the King return. He could be the playmaker for a post-LeBron future, too.

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An analysis of the drafted

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